September 30, 2022

Boston Red Sox 2023 schedule: new format, unique games

The Boston Red Sox are currently 18-36 (.333) against the AL East this season as the schedule shifts to September. their fights against these teams are well documentedas they failed to win a series against a divisional opponent until August.

With 31 matches left, and 22 of them against the Rays (6), Jays (3), Yankees (6) or Orioles (7), it is not unreasonable to think that the fate of the Red Sox 2022 could have been different if they hadn’t been tasked with playing 76 games against the division. Their combined record against all other teams is 45-32 (.584).

The Boston Red Sox’s 2022 season would have been much different had they played 24 fewer games against the AL East

If the Red Sox continue to win at the same pace inside and outside the division for the rest of the season, the team will finish with a 76-86 record (and last place in the AL East). ).

The hope is that the front office will focus on improving the on-field product in 2023, but let’s look at how the schedule will change next year and why it could prove very beneficial for the Boston Red Sox.

In 2023, the Red Sox will play 116 games against the American League. The other 46 will play between the leagues against 15 different NL teams.

The increase in the number of interleague games from next season has been part of the new collective agreement that was concluded between MLB and the Players Association before the start of this season. This change leads to some very intriguing games for the Sox to circle on the schedule, including:

  • May 19 – May 21 @ SOUTH DAKOTA
  • July 21 – July 23 against NYM
  • July 25 – July 26 against ATL
  • July 28 – July 30 @SF
  • August 25 – August 27 vs. LADs

The Red Sox 2023 schedule is also 24 fewer games against the AL East. While the hope is that the Sox will be more competitive against their division rivals next season, it’s easy to say that fewer games against the division will likely result in more wins anyway.

Even this season, if the Red Sox had only played 52 games against the East, they probably would have won at least 5-6 more games (depending on the winning percentage inside and outside the division ).

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Being on the pace for 82 wins would have put the Red Sox in the bubble for 3rd place on the AL Wild Card, and it’s easy to see why the schedule change can benefit the Red Sox going forward with the impressive level of local talent. which is spread over the other 4 teams in the AL East.

A few other series to watch out for, given the entertainment value they will provide, are:

  • April 14 – April 16 against AAA
  • May 15 – May 17 vs SEA
  • June 16 – June 18 against NYY
  • August 21 – August 24 @HOU
  • September 28 – October 1 @BALL

The Boston Red Sox season could end in weeks without a playoff appearance, but there’s a lot to look forward to in 2023.

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