August 12, 2022

Beyond a Steel Sky is now available on consoles in physical format – CVBJ

Studio revolution software, creators of the popular series Broken sword, and the French publisher Microides, are pleased to announce that Beyond a sky of steel is now available in Europe for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Of Charles Cecil, series creator Broken sword, with the artistic direction of Dave Gibbons, legendary designer of comics behind Watchmen, Beyond a sky of steel is the spiritual successor to the classic Beneath a Steel Sky.

Experience the fascinating world of Union City with the new Beyond a Steel Sky console launch trailer!

The console versions of the game feature new enhancements including 4K resolution on the PlayStation 5 versions and plenty of gameplay improvements such as controller shake.

Beyond a sky of steel is presented as a gripping story of loyalty and redemption set in a haunting and terrifying world of AI-powered social control. Set a decade after the events of the first game, Beyond a Steel Sky once again immerses players in the captivating Union City, a dystopian cyberpunk town full of mysterious and sinister secrets.

With the impressive art style of Dave Gibbons comics, the game is an extremely ambitious adventure that redefines the genre by allowing the player to subvert the world, populated by AI-powered characters, with interesting solutions to the puzzles emerging from its actions.

“I’m very happy that Beyond a Steel Sky is now available on consoles, thanks to Microids. We had the opportunity to significantly improve the game and I am delighted with the result. After critical praise in previous formats, I can’t wait to hear the response from console gamers, whether they’re new to the series or fans of the original. Says Charles Cecil, Founder and CEO of Revolution Software.

You can see the launch trailer in the following LINK.

Features: A Fascinating Sci-Fi World – An adventure set in a dynamic world populated by stubborn characters with motivations that the player can reverse. Combined with a unique hacking tool, multiple solutions to puzzles emerge from the player’s choices. Exciting, humorous story: Unravel dark conspiracies, defeat a terrifying antagonist in this dramatic and humorous cyberpunk thriller that explores contemporary themes: social control, artificial intelligence and total surveillance. Unique 3D Comic Style – A beautifully detailed comic book style world from the mind of legendary comic artist Dave Gibbons. Clever Puzzles – Clever puzzles intertwine with intriguing dramatic storytelling to deliver a gripping play experience.

Check out the Beyond a Steel Book and Utopia editions of the game, available now!

BEYOND A STEEL SKY BOOK EDITION: Exclusive Steelbook® with cartoon illustrations by Dave Gibbons. Play on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch consoles. The soundtrack of the game (digital format). Sticker sheet. BEYOND A STEEL SKY UTOPÍA EDITION:

The Utopia Edition includes, in addition to all the items available in Beyond a Steel Book Edition:

Unique collector’s box. An exclusive lamp with hologram. 50-page mini book of illustrations. 5 holographic wedding invitation. Interchangeable identification plates (key ring and necklace). A pin. 2 XXL Premium stickers.

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