June 30, 2022

Anycubic launches the Kobra Plus large format 3D printer

What do you want to know

  • Anycubic is a trusted 3D printer manufacturer
  • The Kobra Plus has a large build volume of 300x300x350
  • First 2000 orders get $100 off retail price of $499
  • The Kobra Plus goes on sale June 15 at 9 a.m. EST

Anycubic has released a new printer to its ever-expanding Kobra line. The Kobra Plus sits between the Kobra and the Kobra Max. For those in need of a refresh, the Kobra has a build volume of 220mm by 220mm by 250mm in X, Y and Z. The Kobra Max has a build volume of 400mm by 400mm by 450mm in X, Y and Z, and the Kobra Plus slots in the middle with a build volume of 300mm by 300mm by 350mm in X, Y and Z.

The hotend, bed leveling system and extruder are identical to the Vyper and Kobra Max. The hotend is an E3D Volcano style hotend with a PTFE liner at the nozzle, this nozzle is 0.4mm brass and the heater is a new 45w cartridge heater according to Anycubic. Bed Leveling is the new LevIQ strain gauge based system that measures 25 points from the bed to create a mesh that the system can use to create a perfect first layer. The extruder is a 3:1 geared dual drive system, reminiscent of the Bondtech BMG, except in a transparent polycarbonate housing, just before that is the filament end sensor which pauses the print and moves it to a spot safe so you can replace your filament.

Anycubic Kobra Plus Badge

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The bed is the same Carborundum glass as the Kobra Max, it is a silicon carbide coated borosilicate glass sheet which when heated adheres to the filament being printed, and when cooled , the microscopic texture automatically shrinks and releases from the build plate.

Interfacing with the Kobra Plus is the same as the Kobra, Kobra Max and Vyper, the 4.3 inch vertical touchscreen on the side of the printer is bright and vibrant with good touch response, large contact points for even the chubbiest digits. There is a USB-B port on the front for connecting to a computer or connecting to Octoprint, and next to it is the MicroSD card for local “offline” printing. which is a great starting point.

I/O Kobra Plus

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Anycubic is touting the ability to print at 100mm/s, with the dual Z screws and 6000rpm blowing fans for part cooling, we’ll see how that works out in practice, but it’s faster than most off-the-shelf printers. , that’s for sure.

The Kobra Plus will retail for $499 from Anycubic once it goes on sale June 15, however, the first 2,000 units will get a $100 discount to get it for $399, which is just $50 more. than the Vyper, and with that you get the biggest build volume, however, you swap out the very nice SD card for MicroSD on the Kobra Plus. Use this link to sign up for the Kobra Plus shopping list and hopefully be one of the first 2000 to get the lowest price. Our review of the Kobra Plus is ongoing, so watch for it soon.

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