May 18, 2022

A Sneak Peek at the New Costumes and New Format for ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 7

“The Masked Singer” season 7 will debut on Fox at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

As we eagerly await the return of the singing competition show, Fox has released photos of the costumes the show is known for.

On “The Masked Singer”, the contestants sing in their own voices while wearing elaborate costumes. The panel and audience try to guess who is behind the mask. Clues are also given about the contestant. The public votes for their favourites. At the end of the show, the contestant with the fewest votes is eliminated and unmasked.

The winner of each group then advances to the final to determine who will receive the Golden Mask trophy. During the season, Wild Cards can participate in the competition.

The same panel from last year will return this year – Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke. The show is hosted by Nick Cannon. The panelists give their first impressions and the one with the most correct answers will receive the Golden Ear trophy.

There are also featured guest panelists every week.

“The Masked Singer” season 7 costumes include Thingamabob and McTerrier. ©2022 FOX MEDIA LLC.

Fox also said there will be three teams this year – Team Good, Team Bad and Team Cuddly.

What we know so far:

Team Good – McTerrier, Firefly, The Prince and two others

Team Bad – Cyclops, Ram, Queen Cobra, Jack in the Box, plus another

Team Cuddly – Baby Mammoth, Lemur, Space Bunny, Thingamabob, plus one more

Last year’s winner was Jewel who was dressed as the Queen of Hearts. The Season 5 winner was 98 Degrees Nick Lachey who was dressed as a Piglet. The winner of season 4 was LeAnn Rimes who was the Sun.

The Masked Singer

“The Masked Singer” season 7 costumes include Cyclops and Lemur. ©2022 FOX MEDIA LLC.

The Masked Singer

“The Masked Singer” season 7 costumes include Space Bunny and Queen Cobra. ©2022 FOX MEDIA LLC.

The Masked Singer

The costumes for season 7 of “The Masked Singer” include the ram and the baby mammoth. ©2022 FOX MEDIA LLC.

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