Content creation for non-writers, procrastinators, and the stuck among us

The cursor blinks the time ticks slowly by the page stays empty and most likely you end up in procrastination hell the people of Walmart photo montage just as entertaining today as it was the first times you watched it. You are not alone. Today I migrated downstairs to the kitchen at least four times besot by a hunger I could not feed. Sadly content ideas do not live in my refrigerator. But oh, the truffle cheese pickled eggs and melon bits.

The problem is not your service or product

Its how you talk about it.
It isnt that your product doesnt work, you arent that good, or your service doesn’t provide value. You arent clear about how you help, why you are different, or what problem you solve. And if you arent clear then any message you put out into the ether will also not be clear. Where does that leave you?
Wondering what is wrong, or blaming your website/your coach/the program you bought/you for being wrong about you. There are two things you need to get clea…